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                                                       Justice for Elijah

The following images are from Justice for Elijah McClain, one of three personal projects by artist Yvens Alex Saintil. From May 28, 2020 to September 23, 2020, Saintil joined the thousands who took to the streets and highways to protest the unjust deaths of unarmed Black people across the country, including 23-year-old Aurora native, Elijah McClain. In these images, Saintil documents the protests that erupted in Denver and Aurora, Colorado following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


With these images, Saintil attempts to give viewers an intimate and objective view of the protests. Somewhat gaining inspiration from the old idea that “history is written by the victors”, this is the artist’s personal documentation and contribution to Black history and the fight to end racism. 

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