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Unrest in Denver

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Alas, all good things must come to an end—or at the very least, challenged and manipulated into submission. The circumstances behind the last couple of days of protesting are both agitating and alarming to me. We seem to have forgotten the “why” we are protesting. Instead, we have people sitting on the lawns of the capitol—having fun, talking, and laughing as if we are at a concert. Chants promoting solidarity and peace filled the air. Meanwhile, hundreds to thousands of black boys and men sit in our city jails without representation, and around the country, protesters and media are harassed and threatened.

Fuck that! Where there is no justice, there is no peace.

And let us not forget, Breonna Taylor’s killers are still on paid leave.

As I drove up to the capitol, I realized that Colfax avenue, which had been closed since the beginning of the protests was open, and traffic flowed through like it was just another day. In my mind, so many thoughts and questions were circulating. Did we get our message across, or were we forced into submission? Sadly, the latter seemed more and more real as I walked around. Yes, professional athletes came and marched with us. The mayor, police chief, and other representatives showed up once or twice, but what has changed since then?


Policies that negatively impact black and brown communities continue to be in place. Like a parent with a child misbehaving in school because of lack of attention at home, the mayor, failed to acknowledge our cries and perceived them as misbehaving. And instead of listening, he directed the police to continue their assault on unarmed citizens exercising their first amendment right. When that didn’t work, he created a curfew, further infringing on our rights.  

We must not let up!                                                       

The time to act is now—while we have the upper hand. We are angry, out of work, and we demand change! Until we have policies that directly address systemic racism and discrimination in all forms of our government, we must continue to fight!

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