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Thoughts and Prayers (2022)


Mix media on canvas 


The interplay between gun violence and shootings, active shooter incidents, and other forms of violent crime have plagued American society. Guns are leaving an indelible stain on our society, perpetuating a cycle of violence that has been difficult to break. Despite congressional gridlock on the issue, gun violence continues to affect our nation's human rights record and be a focus of attention across the world. The familiar arguments regarding the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership often take center stage in debates about curbing gun violence but fail to provide real solutions or create meaningful change. This shocking focus on guns as opposed to other possible solutions has left us with little progress towards reducing mass shootings or even day-to-day firearm-related crimes.


Despite the best efforts of experts studying gun violence, the reality is that we have made little progress in reducing American gun deaths or in reducing firearm ownership. There are many factors that contribute to America's gun problem, including historical and sociological factors. However, reducing American gun deaths requires more than just controlling access to guns; it requires a comprehensive approach that includes mental health reform and other initiatives. The challenge of addressing America's gun epidemic remains a complex one with no easy answers.

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