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Guns are as American as Apple pie.

Across the country, in Michigan, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Alabama, dozens of people have been gunned down since a teenager took 22 lives in Uvalde. The grim reality is that we live in a country where we cannot escape gun violence.  The numbers of guns are slowly catching up to American citizens, with only a small percentage capable of safely operating one. When we talk about gun violence, a significant number of deaths are preventable. A child accidentally killing another; teenagers playing and accidentally taking their own lives. We cannot afford to have those mistakes. We have to do better as a society! We do not have a choice.

It doesn’t matter where you are, the threat is very real, but we can’t live our lives waiting for something to happen. It is tiring and so far—not working. I think I speak for a majority of us when I say, let’s start with keeping guns out of our schools first!

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